Unless otherwise stated, I own the copyright to all work that appears here and offer it under a creative commons license. The relevant link to this license appears in the sidebar. Basically, it says that the work can be copied and distributed freely as long as credit is given, it is not modified, and it is not used for commercial purposes.

In some cases, the blog entries point to work I’ve posted elsewhere. Any licensing terms specific to those posts supersede the terms mentioned here. For example, open-source code may be under a GPL or BSD license.

This said, my purpose isn’t to be overly restrictive and I’ll be happy to accommodate reasonable requests for exceptions.

If you are an academic, you may have occasion to acknowledge the Earth-Shattering work that I’ve done. Or perhaps my use of the word “it” triggered a Hollywood style epiphany, like realizing the complex biochemical cure to a rare disease because the pizza guy forgot the Pepperoni. Over and over for five seasons and counting. In any case, when you debunk string theory or prove that P=NP, remember to reference the guy whose web page crashed your server so you had time to get actual work done.

A simple reference to the contribution and that it is “unpublished work accessible on his website or by request” should do the trick. And feel free to offer me a tenured position in your department (unless you’re at Columbia or Harvard or it’s in Comparative Literature).