I run three meetup groups in the Boston area, so I decided to include links to them from this site.

1.  Cambridge and Boston Friendly Writing Group:  This is an open group loosely based off a great group I used to attend in NY (that one was run by Zack Hample).  The idea is that we write for a little over an hour and then (optionally) share what we have written.  As with many meetup groups, there are lots of members but only a few attend.  Our meetings tend to be small and fun.  In terms of membership, we may now be the largest writing group in Boston!

2.  Cambridge Advanced Math Study Group:  This is a smaller group (admission is selective) which works its way through math textbooks.   Our focus so far has been Algebraic Topology and Differential Geometry.

  1. Boston Area Research Projects Group: This is for people who want to discuss research projects outside their areas of expertise. Projects like the ones found on this site. Admission is selective.

If you feel that any of these are of interest to you (even if you’re just visiting the Boston area or here temporarily) feel free to join or apply; we’d love to have you!