Good news for all of you who’ve been asking me to make my writing available! I’m posting a short work at least once, and sometimes twice, a week. They will be a mix of older and newer ones, and hopefully the pipeline will remain well-populated as I continue to write and edit. For the most part, the pieces are either poems or the type of very very short fiction/vignette that seems to be unclassifiable in today’s literary market.

These are the same sort of pieces (and sometimes the same actual pieces) that go into my chapbooks and short-work books, such as the forthcoming The Man Who Stands in Line. I intend to occasionally post full-length short stories as well, though for me “full-length” still can be quite short. Given the chaos of my schedule, it is less than likely I will adhere to any consistent timing. But as a rough rule of thumb, I will aim to post works on Sundays and (if two works that week) Wednesdays.

All posted content is free to view for anyone, and subject to the Creative Commons License described on the website.

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