So the doctor lied, get over it. Stop whining, blaming. It’s YOUR body that’s killing you, nobody else’s fault.

Maybe he’s imperfect, this doctor, gave you the wrong drug, didn’t get you into a clinical trial, could have found something if he’d looked harder or at all. Big deal. Everybody’s imperfect.

Hindsight is twenty-twenty. Do you have a medical degree, eight years of residency? Then don’t second guess. Do as you are told and hope for the best.

You don’t pay half your salary for insurance, due to people who won’t accept responsibility. People like you.

Think you can do better? Good luck, but your time is limited. Better hope they take your insurance. They won’t.

I’m only looking out for you here, ignoring your disloyalty because I like you.

You’re one of my best customers. And I know you’re confused, don’t realize what you are saying.

Now stop fretting, take your medicine, do as I say. Be a mensch and die before six. I have a dinner.